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Special Review: Local Radio station

More of a personal rant here. We’ve two got two radio stations in town, a Country Music station, and one that plays a mix of things. Now, country music is bearable if you’re listening with half an ear, but on a drive alone through town, just want to tear my ear off.

The mix station is better, sometimes. They play mostly eighties and nineties music, but their view of modern is skewed. Rap. And lots of it. Last time I listened to it, they were playing some song that went “No wifin’ in da club, hey, gimme 20 dollars, gimme 20 dollars”

Next time I drive, I’m brining my MP3 player.

Scratch that

Turns out the power problem was a squirrel in the lines. Neighbor called in to the power company, I guess, and they drove all the way out here to fix it. Takes brass balls to come out in the woods at night to repair powerlines.

Personal issues be damned, next review is on track!

Next review may be late

The power around here has been problematic for the last few days. Random flickering, complete outs, same goes for my internet, really hard to review creepy pasta when there’s no internet.

Personal issues too, Grandmother’s health is in decline, and I swear I can see someone out of the corner of my eye, sometimes I feel like I’m being watched. Probably just stress, but I can’t shake the feeling. I find myself clenching my teeth.

In short, nothing good.

That’s right, for those of you looking for a casual fitness video just to get you in shape, keep on searching. The main body of them are geared to two people, extremely muscle-y men, and women. (Sorry guys). You could pull some useful tips from them, but most of them are ego stroking “Look at how much I can lift. This is how I lift them all”.

But special mention goes to a series of fitness vids, the name escapes me at the moment. It would be half decent, it actually has some pretty good tips on how to stay healthy and work out, if it wasn’t plagued with audio and visual distortions. Stopped watching once they admitted that it was more for pranking people with an urban legend, and then it got turned on it’s head and somebody pranked them. This is why I love being in college. :D

Alright Watchers, next week we delve into the trend of Creepy Pasta. For those of you who don’t know, that’s strange stories, photographs, videos, basically Urban legends of the Internet.

See you next week!

Our first (p)review!

Hey there folks, Thomas, your friendly internet media watcher here! Just a post to introduce myself (And my co-Watcher, but he doesn’t have the blog, I do!) to Tumblr! What we do is we go out, watch some of the new trends on places Youtube and the like, review it here, so you know whether to waste your time or not! We watch the crap, so you don’t to, and that’s our gaurentee!

So! We’ll have weekly posts, usually broken into seasons as we view each “Fad”. And trust us, we aren’t touching any Freddie videos with a ten fool pike.  If you’ve got anything to suggest, or just want to go ahead and get in touch, you can email me at, I can’t promise to be 100% active, but I’ll do my best!

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